I’m Nina and I’m a writer! Isn’t that a beautiful sentence? I sat here considering for a long time what I wanted my opening statement to be and finally decided that there really is nothing more important about me than that. Every contradictory aspect of my personality is explained in that simple sentence.scan0011

I see the world in black and white…not the boring kind, though. I mean I see ink and pages no matter what I’m doing. Life is a story just waiting for us to write it.

This new and improved website is for all of my writing goodies. Here, you’ll find a bookshelf of all my published stories as well as tidbits of what I’m working on for the future.

I write Paranormal, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy Romance…basically, any fantastic thing that pops into my head finds itself between these pages. I also write a variety of heat levels, from sweet to white-hot, so be advised!