Nina S. Gooden | Dragons Don’t Bite in RPGs (Geeks and Dragons #1)
Romance, Author, Paranormal Romance, Steampunk Romance, Nina Gooden
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Dragons Don’t Bite in RPGs (Geeks and Dragons #1)

21 Sep Dragons Don’t Bite in RPGs (Geeks and Dragons #1)

Heat Level: 4

Dragons Don't Bite in RPGs
Part of the Geeks and Dragons series:
  • Dragons Don't Bite in RPGs (Geeks and Dragons #1)

Ian McAdams has spent his entire life developing a game that is finally getting picked up by an international distributor. Unfortunately, the celebration is brought to a violent end when he wakes up with a hangover from hell and a strange tattoo--the mark of the Yellow Dragon.


Ian is kidnapped by the mysterious--and devastatingly gorgeous--Huojin, a dragon in the middle of a celestial war that Ian is officially a pawn of. All Ian wants to do is get back to his tabletops but with dog-demons and flying hands lined up to destroy him, his best bet is with melts-in-your-mouth-not-in-your-hands Huojin.


Huojin wants nothing to do with the human who seems to have tapped into the Yellow Dragon’s power. The human makes Huojin burn with thoughts he has no right to have--not with the blood on his hands.


Ian will have to brave the kind of danger that could leave someone at the bottom of a river in order to get his life back to normal. But after spending time with the troubled Huojin, he might just find that there are some pleasures worth the bruises.

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