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I totally jacked this section from Sasha Devlin (who is amazing, you should check her out) because I didn’t have any of my own frequently asked questions yet. Yeah, I’ll admit it. I’ll post more as they come.


What’s your writing process?

I write scenes! It’s not the best way to go about writing a comprehensive book, but most of my stories start out with something random. It can be something strange and vague like “What if the color of my nails was an indicator of a magical power?” (A Clockwork Christmas) or something trivial like “It’d be cool is someone had guns made out of blood,” (Untitled book I’ve been banging my head against for weeks). I think of cool characters and then throw them into random events…and then try to make that event make sense in some world.


Why do you write Romance instead of straight ________?

I love Romance, every heartbreakingly wonderful aspect of it. I’m one of those people who watches random shows and gets angry if there’s no romantic element. It’s pretty cheesy, but I honestly believe that anything is possible when it’s done for love. Also, I like how batshit crazy people (myself included) can get over love. Have you ever seriously thought you might be a bit of a stalker because the person you like doesn’t know you exist? I have.

…please tell me it’s not just me….please.


Why do you have two blogs?

This website is actually for more professional stuff. I’ll be posting work news/progress and release dates here. My blogspot, though, will just be an explosion of me! It’ll touch on my work and how writing affects my life, but it’ll mostly be about the fun things I do. I have a lot of hobbies and they find their ways into my work so I wanted to share them. When I first started out, I got some very good advice from a friend: one of the most important aspects of being a writer is living. Live, play, have fun, get sad, enjoy the world…then write about it. That’s exactly what I plan to do with my blog!



(Current) Favorite Things:


My classes, I’m a Web Development student and it’s great!

My Scentsy; it makes everything smell like home.

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. This game is so twisted and dark. I cry every time someone I like dies.