Nina S. Gooden | Light Can Be Gentle
Romance, Author, Paranormal Romance, Steampunk Romance, Nina Gooden
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Light Can Be Gentle

Coming Soon imageThis book is currently being reworked for republication!


Heat Level: 5

Word Count: 50,800

Romance Sub-Genre(s): Paranormal, Erotica, Sci-Fi, Male/Male, Interracial



Created by desperate scientists within the Forgotten Colonies, Ligers were engineered for the sole purpose of reuniting humankind with its home planet, currently overrun by vicious creatures, known as Nihil. However, when an unexplained explosion forces the debilitated weapons to flee to the arms of their enemies in the military, they quickly realize they will not be saving the human race anytime soon.

Hagan has always known he was different. He did not belong in the human world but could never be a part of the struggling Lige. This all changes when a mysterious man appears, claiming to have what both groups need in order to overcome the creeping threat of the Nihil.

“Come with me. Trust me. I need you.” His dark, libidinous voice calls to Hagan from the depths of his psyche. It pulls him forward through an existence he does not want toward a destiny he fears he cannot fulfill.

It is Hagan who must bridge the gaps between worlds. There is a power hidden within him, a power that can strengthen the weakened Lige and protect the remainder of humanity. He is the only one who can fight off the threats they do not see coming and the extension of both races, but only if he is willing to trust the stranger with his heart and body.

Contains: Bondage, Whipping, Pain/pleasure, Male/male, Domination





Chapter One

Reach for me, I’m here. I’m yours, if you’d only see me.

Hagan stretched his arms out to the voice, the same one he’d heard every night in his fitful sleep for what seemed like years.

Take me.

“I want you. I want this,” he replied, knowing his husky responses wouldn’t reach past his nose before being swept away, absorbed into the darkness that blinded him.

I’m here. I belong to you.

Frustration beat at his mind even as the black void pressed into and under his golden tea-brown skin. Invisible fingertips teased his flesh, pulling and stroking until he was groaning, begging for the release always just beyond his reach.

You belong to me.

Beads of sweat broke out over his body and he sucked in a violent breath as the blackness began to shift and swirl into something else. Slowly—painfully slowly—his eyes adjusted to the changing color and the miasma turned into a mist of gold dust. It danced across his lips, caressed the smooth, sensitive skin of his back and butt.

Do you want this? Are you sure? Can you handle it?