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Romance, Author, Paranormal Romance, Steampunk Romance, Nina Gooden
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 Blood and Rubies

Tisiphone wasn’t the only Erinyes who decided to live on earth as a mortal woman. When Paige stumbles on her hidden past will she embrace it in order to protect all she holds dear? Can she learn to let go of her hard won control, knowing it means a different life, endangering her daughter, and even worse, leaning on her Special Forces ex-husband?

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Uplinked (Working Title)

“Uplinked” is a cyber-romance where computers aren’t just machines that connect us to the web; they’re gateways to another plane of existence where you can be anyone and do anything. The Interworld is supposed to be harmless fun and effortless information but when a killer begins to steal the souls of its hapless patrons, the megacorporation known as “A” is asked to step in.

Bounty Hunter Cass Whitman doesn’t like technology. She likes it even less when she finds herself partnered with the off-limits and utterly gorgeous Adam, a top-secret android prototype. The two of them battle an attraction that shouldn’t be possible and when monster viruses begin to bleed from the internet, they stumble onto a conspiracy that could leave him a pile of scrap metal and her 404’ed.

As their investigation continues, Cass finds herself trapped between a past she doesn’t want and a future she’s not sure she can handle. Adam is unlike any drone she’s seen before, and despite the fact that he’s not human, all she can think of is getting her hands (and mouth) back on the stern warrior.  Defeating the skeletons in her closet may be the only way to keep both world’s safe, but coming face-to-face with her tech-haunted history could ruin her chances with the best “man” she’s ever known.